09 februari 2012

When i see justus send me a message i feel soooo happy. Oh damn happy!

We are still talking, on chat of course. And he text me hmm and one of his sentence make me fly. Oh fly away. I feel oh so oh please dont you know i am happy? In indonesia we call this feeling with “Ge-er or GR” ah i dont know how to spell it.

I just  speechless front of the monitor, but my heart ohhh

But i stay cool, and just tweeting this moment on my official twitter acount. I think i reply for long time, hahah maybe 5 minute. I am thinking, thinking hard. What must i say for reply?

But when i have an idea for reply, and i start writing. He said to me that he must clean up because His girlfriend will mad. So we just end this chatting.

Oh damn! I just feel really happy that he have feeling for me in before time. And now we just chatting and to be honest i want he just feel the same way in before. But hahahah its 7 years ago! Of course he have a girlfriend, he have his life right?

I can understand but IHHHHH

Do you know gendok? aww maybe we are just friend forever after 🙂

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