We are chatting so much ♥

Justus Weis : woher kennen wir uns?:O
Anna Nurhalimah : Have you ever attended Wartburg Grundschule?
Justus Weis : Ohhhhh yes  i remember  you leave the school in grade 2?
who did you find me`?
Anna Nurhalimah : grade 3.. I just search your name “Justus” and i write muenster. And i found you. But I doubt so I’m sure by asking.. How are you ? 
Justus Weis : I´m fine  and you ? Where are you living now?=)
Anna Nurhalimah : Im fine too  Bandung, indonesia. How about you?
Justus Weis : I´m still living in Münster  Can you speak german?
Have you ever been visited Germany again?;)
Anna Nurhalimah : no im forget, but I can understand what are you talking.. How about max louis marike etc?
No, me and my family are too busy hehehe
Justus Weis : Louis attend my school, too:) but to the others I don´t stay in contact with 
It´s nice in Indonesia?
Anna Nurhalimah : I think i love more german then indonesia. It is hot here. Do you want visit indonesia? 
Do you have twitter acount? if you have i want to follow you 
Justus Weis : I don´t you tweeter  but in germay it´s very cold it´s up to minus 15 C
I dpn´t use tweeter*
Which school you attend in indonesia or do you work?
Anna Nurhalimah : SMA Negeri 15 Bandung. In indonesia, in my age i cant working. Do you work?
I always missing the snow 
Justus Weis : yeah for sure I have 2 employments but i still visit school
There is´nt snow  just cold & windy
Anna Nurhalimah : Wow its cool!
Really? do you think its effect of global warming? Or its always happen?
To be honest i really happy for talking with you, For 7 years i am not talking with my friends in german 
Justus Weis : I don´t think that it´s effect of global warming big winds from serbien carry the coldness to germany
I´mhappy too. I was very extited when you mentioned you are from Wartburg school 
In facebook you get the information that you are from Münster, Badenwüttenberg but you are from Münster, Nordrhein Westfalen:)
Anna Nurhalimah :  i dont know about that
Justus Weis : That´s why I´hadn´t a idea who you are
Anna Nurhalimah : Oh hahaha im forget where i live so i just choose one. Hey can i ask you some question?
Justus Weis : Whatever you want 
Anna Nurhalimah : what time in germany? Here is 05:09 pm
Justus Weis : 11:12 am:) my parents are in munich and I stay whole the week at home
Anna Nurhalimah : What are you mean with “meine mutter hat immer sehr gerne mit dir gelessen hat sie mir gesagt” ? I dont understand
Anna Nurhalimah : Remember that you have give me a letter before i go
Hmm Did I interrupt your activities?

Justus Weis : Yeah for sure I remember that the whole class was sad.
Do you want that I translate the question?
No I´m cooking

I have time to write with you

Anna Nurhalimah : Yeah please if you want to help me 
You can cooking?

Justus Weis : “My mum always like to read with you, she always said
Have I wrote this in my letter?
Yes I like to cook  in my freetime

Anna Nurhalimah : When I’ve read with your mother?
Yes you have, but i really dont remember when i have reading some book with your mother

Justus Weis : Yes  she came always to school
to teach with the
in “READING´s Groups

because there weren´t enough Teachers
for small groups
where everyone have to read
Sometimes this groups were in the class, in the neighbour room, or on the corridor
Do you still have all letters?

Anna Nurhalimah : Yes of course!
To be honest I do not remember your mother’s face. I just remember all my friend

Justus Weis : may i ask you why you are move to indonesia?
you was very young
thats normal 
you are just 15 years old?

Anna Nurhalimah : You look different. you are grown up

Justus Weis : I don´t see pictures of you

Anna Nurhalimah : Because my father said so. I think my father are finished his work so we are moving
In this year im 17th!
Of course, i protect my picture hahahah

Justus Weis : hahahaha
protect against who`:D
your friends?

Anna Nurhalimah : i dont know, i just want to protect it. Now can you see my picture?

Justus Weis : yes 

Anna Nurhalimah : You look very cute in child 
oh can i ask you again? hehehehe

Justus Weis : http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=213496102014678&set=t.1537985651&type=1&theater
do you mean this picture
For sure ask me 

Anna Nurhalimah : Its max and you?
Am i right? ohhhh its a nice picture

Justus Weis : yes 

Anna Nurhalimah :
Ehm, what are you mean with “Ich habe dich immer gerne geurget, weil du dich dann so aufgeregt hast das fand ich immer cool” ? Hahah im sorry for always asking

Justus Weis : Max is very very cute 

Anna Nurhalimah : You are cute too 

Justus Weis : haha thank you 
I´ve always annoy you

Justus Weis : because it make fun when you are getting angry  did I´ve wrote this ?

Anna Nurhalimah : Yes you are hahahah I always remember that moment

Justus Weis : yes  what I ´ve done`??:D
i do not remember 

Anna Nurhalimah : You always mock me kleine madchen
are you remember?

Justus Weis :  but you was very little 
yeah D:

Anna Nurhalimah : Yeah, i know 

Justus Weis : you are still little?

Anna Nurhalimah : I think now you are very big
Yes i always more little than you 

Justus Weis : That´s good. Because women about 1.88m are not very cute in my opinion
I´m sorry Anna, but my girlfriend is comming soon and she don´t like it when don´t clean up 
I hope we chat again, later.

Anna Nurhalimah : Oh yeah, just clean up all, so your girlfriend happy
Bye justus. I hope so 

Justus Weis : Bye Anna :):)

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